Oct. 28 - Nov. 6, 2016
Austin Beer Week 2016

Strange Land Brewery

5904 Bee Cave Road, Austin

Celebrating the beer less traveled and brews hand crafted beers in Austin, TX using the highest quality ingredients and care. Rooted in history and tradition, we create brews that are underrepresented, and our four flagship beers embody this purpose.

We are the only brewery in the area that does keg conditioning, meaning our beer is still alive when we keg it, creating a beer that is naturally carbonated from the yeast, which makes our beers more complex and reminiscent of the old world style. We offer a total of nine different brew styles on draft for you to test and enjoy in our quaint and relaxing brewery in West Austin. Join us for a tour of our brewery to learn our craft brewing process, and how we create our distinct assortment of beers. We’re intoxicated with the mystery of fermentation, the possibilities of taste, and chasing after unexplored horizons.

Our goal is simply to make delicious, high-quality beer. Come try the beer less traveled.