Oct. 27 - Nov. 6, 2017
Austin Beer Week 2017


Austin Beer Week is a multi-day, multi-event, brewer-centric showcase of all things craft beer, now in its 7th year.

Austin Beer Week is produced by a small but thirsty band of loyal Austin craft beer drinkers, in partnership with the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting Texas craft brewers and the craft beer community.

Austin Beer Week's unique event structure provides an open palate for, well, opening palates. To the extent events are curated, brewers and venues are encouraged to embrace the creative, playful, even daring when planning activities, which can range from intense food-beer appreciation from nationally recognized chefs to tongue-in-cheek competitions testing keg-lifting mettle.

Brewers and venues know Austin Beer Week is no time to play it safe -- and they don't.

Austin Beer Week's nature as both marathon and sprint results in brewers racing from event to event all nine days, all over greater Austin, and all so they can personally connect with you. How cool is that? Yes, they're hustling to grow, but anyone who's been around craft beer knows that's only a portion of their motivation. Appreciation and invest in the community is the other, and we are blessed for that.

So Austin Beer Week is not only our way of celebrating craft beer, but of giving back, through the exposure and direct economic impact the week generates for the craft beer community (brewers and venues, in particular), and by benefitting the Texas Craft Brewers Guild.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Austin Beer Week?

Austin Beer Week is a collection of curated events spanning multiple days and whose primary purpose is the promotion and celebration of independent craft beer.

Where are the events listed?

Once events are submitted and approved, they will be posted in the Calendar and as part of a Day Guide.

Who participates in Austin Beer Week?

Craft beer appeals to a wide range of people. Basically, if you're over 21, you fit the profile. That said, the diverse offering of events during Austin Beer Week means there's something for every taste and interest. For instance, events may revolve around all kinds of beer tastes (hoppy, sweet, sour, smokey, barrel aged, casked, ciders, meads), food tastes (cheese pairings, dessert pairings, multi-course dinners), and entertainment interests (movies, games, sports). Even family-oriented events make appearances (am afternoon Halloween party feat. pumpkin carving for the kids).

What does it cost to participate in events?

Event cost is typically set by the hosting venue or event producer. You'll find many events are 'Pay As You Go,' meaning there is no cost to be present for the event, but you must purchase any beer or food you plan to consumer. Other events may require an admission fee, or advance reservations, or advance purchase. Other events may offer free beer samples or food pairings.

Where do I get tickets for events?

If an event is charging for participation, we will include a link to make an online purchase if that option is available, or other purchasing instructions, such as a number to call.

How can I make the most of Austin Beer Week?

With so many events, planning is key. Austin Beer Week will be offering a few tools to make that easier. Follow us on Twitter for news and updates @AustinBeerWeek.

Are children or dogs allowed at Austin Beer Week events?

Policies of the individual venues apply. Please contact them directly using the venue links on our event pages.

What beers should I expect?

As events are submitted and posted, the list of events, brewers, venues and beers being served will expand. And expand. Best to check in often. What you can expect is diversity -- rare, cask, barrel-aged, experimental, new releases, seasonals and more.

I have questions about an event. Who should I contact?

We do our best to provide thorough information on each event, but if you have additional questions, you should contact the venue directly. Venue profile pages will have contact information as well as links to websites.

What are my transportation options for getting around Austin?

We strongly encourage you and those who are with you to drink responsibly, take public transportation, arrange for pick-ups and drop-offs, or carpool with a designated driver. Here are links and phone numbers:

We had a [great, terrible, so-so, zanny] time at Austin Beer Week? Who can I [thank, bitch to, report to] about my experience

We love and need your feedback. Send all comments here, and we will do our best to respond to each inquiry.

What businesses participate?

Major participants are brewers, venues and distributors. They bring the goods, so to speak, with brewers in particular making the rounds to meet and greet as many people as they can.

Can anyone submit an event?

Anyone may suggest an event, but only a brewer, venue, distributor or established ABW partner can submit an official event for approval. Suggested events will be reviewed, and if deemed appropriate, will be pursued with the submitting and suggested parties.

I submitted an event but it's not on the calendar. What gives?

It may take up to a week for an event to be processed. If you've made an official submission, don't see the event posted beyond that timeframe, and received no communication from us, please contact us. In general, Austin Beer Week reserves the right to reject any event, for any reason. Please note, too, Austin Beer Week is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized use of "Austin Beer Week" without prior written consent from us is prohibited.