Frequently Asked Questions

What is Austin Beer Week?

Austin Beer Week is a listing service showcasing a collection of curated events across multiple days with the primary mission of promoting and celebration of independent craft beer.

I've never heard of Austin Beer Week before. Is this new?

Not at all. In fact, the first Austin Beer Week was held way back in 2010. It's a bummer Covid and tough economic conditions caused such a long hiatus, but it's back now, so get ready to party! (Seriously. We know what we're doing.)

When is Austin Beer Week?

Austin Beer Week will be back, returning to its usual fall timeframe, with official dates announced shortly. Signup to be notified as soon as official dates are announcement and submissions begin.

Who participates in Austin Beer Week?

The diverse offering of events during Austin Beer Week means there's usually something for every taste and interest -- including sports, arts, fitness as well as all kinds of beer tastes (hoppy, sweet, sour, aged, casked, ciders), food tastes (cheese pairings, dessert pairings, multi-course dinners), and entertainment interests (movies, games). Even family-oriented events make appearances, like an afternoon Halloween festival featuring pumpkin carving, a past highlight.

Where are the events listed?

Events are posted in the Calendar and Day Guides once host get their events submitted.

Is there a hash tag I should use for the social stuff?

#austinbeerweek or #AtxBW.

What does it cost to participate in events?

Event costs are set by the host venue or event producer. You'll find many events are 'pay as you go,' meaning there is no cost to be attend, but you must purchase any beer or food you plan to consumer. Other events may require an admission fee, or advance reservations or advance purchase. Other events may offer free sampling or food tastings.

Where do I get tickets for events?

If an event is charging for participation, the listing will include a link to make purchase tickets if that option is available, or providing other purchasing instructions, such as a reservation instructions.

How can I make the most of Austin Beer Week?

With so many events, planning is key. Austin Beer Week will be offering a few tools to make that easier. Creating an account at "" or "" will provide access to even more features to making exploring and sharing fun.

Are children or dogs allowed at Austin Beer Week events?

Policies of the individual venues apply. Please contact them directly using the venue links on our event pages.

What beers should I expect?

As events are submitted and posted, the list of events, brewers, venues and beers being served will expand. And expand. Best to check back often. What you can expect is diversity -- rare, barrel-aged, experimental, new releases, seasonals and more.

I have questions about an event. Who should I contact?

We do our best to provide thorough information on each event, but if you have additional questions, you should contact the event host (usually the venue) directly. Host profile pages will have contact information as well as links to websites.

What are my transportation options for getting around Austin?

We strongly encourage you and those you are with to drink responsibly, take public transportation, arrange for pick-ups and drop-offs, or carpool with a designated driver. Here are links and phone numbers:

We had a [great, terrible, so-so, zanny] time at Austin Beer Week? Who can I [thank, complain, report to] about my experience?

You should contact the event host for specific issues, however, we love and need your feedback. Send on any/all comments here, and we'll do our best to respond to each inquiry.

What businesses participate?

Major participants are breweries, venues (bars, restaurants, bottleshops, etc.) and retailers. They bring the goods, so to speak, with brewers in particular making the rounds to meet and greet as many people as they can.

Can anyone suggest or submit an event?

Event submissions MUST come from the host venue to be considered, however, anyone can suggest an event, and reaching out to your favorite local spot with an idea may be the most efficient way to go.

I am not a venue, brewer or retailer. How can I get involved?

If you are an established business or community organization, and wish to host or organize an event, either use the Submit Event form, and we will contact you upon review, or contact us directly.

If you are an individual or group simply making an event suggestion, please use our contact form.

If you are inquiring about volunteering, to help make Austin Beer Week possible, there will be a signup available once official dates are announced.

What is the cut off for submitting an event?

Submitting events as early as possible is essential for maximizing the Austin Beer Week experience. To that end, a cut-off date will be announced once registration is officially open.

Can I distribute information or products at an Austin Beer Week event?

No. Distribution of materials at an Austin Beer Week event is restricted to authorized parties, such as the venue, a participating brewer or Austin Beer Week. If you wish to distribute materials or be involved in an event as a sponsor, contact us.

I want to sponsor, collaborate or partner. Who should I talk to?

Contact us here.

I submitted an event but it's not on the calendar. What gives?

It may take up to a week for an event to be processed. If you've made an official submission, don't see the event posted beyond that timeframe, and received no communication from us, please contact us. In general, Austin Beer Week reserves the right to reject any event, for any reason. Please note, too, Austin Beer Week is a registered trademark. Any unauthorized use without prior written consent from Austin Beer Week is prohibited.

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